The Science

PlaeyPulse™ is our proprietary well-being assessment based on frameworks developed by renowned psychologists, neuroscientists, and health experts.
Just as you might use a fitness assessment to guide your physical training, PlaeyPulse™ is a diagnostic tool to assess and optimize your well-being, guiding you on your path to your best self. In just 25 questions, you'll have a better understanding of your well-being needs so you can better navigate your inner well-being journey.
Take the assessment

Your well-being, across six dimensions


What sets PlaeyPulse apart

Taking care of your inner self is akin to building your core strength.

What you can expect

A personalized roadmap for building your internal core strength, setting you on a course for sustainable well-being and happiness.
Reduced Stress
Just as 30-60 minutes of weekly strength training has been shown to reduce mortality by 10-17%, regular mindfulness practices have been found to reduce symptoms of stress by up to 40%.1
Improved Relationships
If you knew that social isolation has the same risks as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, wouldn't you prioritize social health? Similar to how physical fitness communities foster well-being,2 Plaey connects you to local communities to boost your sense of connection.
Enhanced Productivity
Physical exercise can increase your cognitive function by up to 12%. Similarly, positive social interactions can boost your performance by up to 20%.3
Boosted Resilience
Just as cardio workouts improve heart health, resilience training can reduce the likelihood of developing mental health disorders by 11%.4


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