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We believe connection and community are key to unlocking human optimization. We direct you to group-based peak experiences proven to promote inner well-being and elevate your mindset.

Our Core Principles

Say bye bye to burnout, ciao to meaningless experiences, adios to anxiety, and hello to a more fulfilled way of living.

We work to help
you plaey.

Plaey curates deep experiences to help you unlock your potential

1Assess your needs

We’ll meet you where you are. Our science-backed assessment identifies where you’re off-balance across the six areas of inner well-being and collects information on your goals and preferences.

2Get matched with a journey

Your time is precious. Our hyper-personalized AI-powered platform matches you with a group of like-minded individuals, curated experiences and expert-guided discussions to deepen your connection.

3Track your progress

Track your progress. We help you quantify your inner transformation journey so you can build a happy and healthy lifestyle, and unleash the magic from within.

What early users are saying...

'The Plaey cohort was a really cool and friendly way of keeping me disciplined around my need to try new things, to meet new people and invest in myself. The experiences I attended helped break the intensity of my work week and really reminded me of who I am under the hood. I highly recommend the cohort!'
Will A.Senior Manager at Amazon
‘Being part of Plaey’s cohort was a very unique and refreshing experience. It really helped me unplug from the startup hustle and gave me a chance to pause, be present, experience joy, and connect with an incredible community. Sharing our experiences with other members after each activity helped me uncover the areas I need to work on to bring more balance into my day-to-day life.’
Roya P.Founder at Feminade
'I was really impressed with Plaey, particularly by the quality and diversity of experiences that were offered during the cohort. The best part of it was definitely meeting like-minded people who share the same interests. That really helped me build a community during my move to Miami!'
Mehdi B.Global Growth Manager at Meta
'Being part of the Plaey cohort helped me supercharge my batteries and approach both personal and professional life differently. I joined the cohort with the objective of restoring focus, energy and confidence, and I not only saw a massive improvement during the course of the four-week journey, but also left with a clear plan to sustain these in the longer term. Definitely recommend it!'
Felix G.Managing Director at REEF Tech
'Being part of Plaey’s first cohort was a mind opening experience from beginning to end. I believe mental health, wellness, and building strong communities should be a priority, especially with remote/hybrid work after the pandemic. Plaey’s values speak to this need for humans to come together and connect through vulnerability. Humbled to be a part of this community.'
Camilo P.CEO at Build REDC
'I had an incredible experience with Plaey. Each week, there were thoughtfully curated activities, coupled with breathwork sessions. This comprehensive approach not only revitalized my energy but also led to a profound realization: I possess the ability to maintain control over my reactions, even when faced with challenging situations.'
Anam A.Manager at Marriott Vacations Worldwide
'I had an absolutely delightful time with Plaey. It provided me with an enriching experience, allowing me to explore new avenues for self-connection and meaningful connections with others. The open environment of the cohort encouraged us to share personal anecdotes which actively contributed to the overall dynamic of the group.'
Juan O.Product Manager at Cicada Tech
'I loved the IRL community aspect of Plaey. I spend all my day on zoom calls, and a little nudge to get out and do something good for my mental health while in community was like killing two birds with one stone. Highly recommend!'
Beatrice K.Sales Manager at Palantir

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Who is plaey for?
plaey is for individuals and teams looking to recharge from the stressors of modern life, build meaningful connections, and invest in their personal growth and well-being in a fun and active way. These include travelers, entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives.
How can I sign up for plaey?
Start by taking the PlaeyPulse assessment to get matched with a personalized well-being journey. We promise it only takes 5-7 minutes.
Where is plaey available?
plaey is currently live in Miami and NYC for in-person experiences, and every other major city for virtual experiences. Please indicate your location in your application so we can add you to the waitlist if we're not yet live in your city with in-person experiences.
What type of experiences does plaey offer?
plaey offers curated group experiences and practices across several categories, including mindfulness, movement, art, culture and music.
How does the matching work?
Our science-backed assessment helps us (and you) understand your needs across various areas of well-being. Based on this, your goals, preferences and characteristics from your profile, our AI-powered algorithm will match you with a group of like-minded individuals and a personalized well-being journey.